How to spend time in London in the right way

Going on holidays abroad, you should learn in advance about the mentality and traditions of the indigenous people of the host country, as well as read the useful reviews of those who have already been there. Actual information will allow you to spend your holidays avoiding the problems and be “on the safe side”, as well as save some part of your budget.

Some nuances:

If you are travelling to London, pay attention to the following issues:

1. According to the indigenous English, the UK is not considered to be a European country, so in a conversation never mention the phrase "London is the European capital."
2. Remember that taking photos and videos in London is necessary with caution, because, according to the laws of the country, you are not allowed to take pictures of children, except your own.
3. Bathrooms and kitchens in the UK are often equipped with two taps - for hot and cold water separately. This is due to the presence of a law that prohibits mixing boiling water from a boiler and running water.
4. All roads of London, like the rest of the country, have a left-hand traffic, so look carefully around before crossing a street.
5. The famous London Bridge, in fact, is Tower Bridge. Therefore, asking any resident for the directions to the Tower of London remember, that it is near the Tower Bridge and not the London Bridge.


In London, it is customary to pay additional fees for certain services. The size of the tip is on average 10-15% of the amount in the bill. In hotels, service charges are already included in the room rate (this is about 10–12%). The guests can tip a porter (1-2 pounds) for bringing up the luggage, calling a taxi and for other small tasks.
In case of “service inclusive system” in a restaurant or café you are not obliged to leave a tip. However, in many London catering establishments the waiter’s earnings depend upon tips, so it is worth leaving some small reward.
But in the pubs of Great Britain it’s not customary to pay a tip to the bartender. There is also no need to tip the employees at the petrol stations, theaters or cinemas. You can leave a tip to a taxi driver, although this is not compulsory.