London Restaurants

London Luxury Travel invites you to become a guest of one of the best London restaurants of your choice. In these restaurants the chefs know how to satisfy the most sophisticated gastronomic taste.
While dining in the best restaurants of the capital, except the exquisite cuisine you’ll be able to appreciate their unique decor, cozy atmosphere, high quality service, great choice of a wine list and of course the dining culture of an Englishman.
A visit to any of these restaurants will evolve pleasant emotions and leave an amazing aftertaste.

Bluebird Restaurant

English cuisine

As soon as you open the door of this restaurant you find yourself in a stylish, cozy place that serves modern English cuisine. It is ideal for a friendly meeting over a cup of afternoon tea or for a great lunch from the chef. In its menu you will find exquisite meat and fish dishes, nicely presented and cooked from the best selected ingredients, as well as a variety of vegetarian dishes and delicious desserts. Excellent wine list gives you a choice of a wines from around the world.
The designers of the restaurant managed to combine classic and modern styles: the elegant traditional British interior with the contemporary elements adding rich red and chocolate colors.
Now the restaurant offers 3 new warm chalets in the courtyard. New Year's Eve at Bluebird in the very heart of Chelsea will be a short journey to a wonderful fairy tale.

Gordon Ramsay

French cuisine

This is the place in London, where the legendary chef serves his guests the dishes based on French recipes. Cumbrian venison with celery or Tartar steak with sturgeon caviar for many can be a real culinary discovery. Three Michelin stars confirm the unique cuisine and exceptional service of this establishment.

Modernity, elegance, respectability, coziness will surround you straight away when only you come inside the Gordon Ramsay restaurant. To dine in the restaurant, which bears the name of its famous owner -the TV host and celebrity chef – you are advised to book a table in advance.


Chinese cuisine

A corner of China you will find in a quiet area of Mayfair. This is the only London-based Chinese restaurant that was awarded a Michelin star in 2003 and has managed to keep it until now.
“Elegance, energy, invention (优雅, 能源, 发明)” is the motto of the Hakkasan restaurant. The creators managed to successfully adapt the philosophy of China (where food has always been not just food, but a way to cure diseases and provide spiritual cleansing) to modern European reality. Guests are offered traditional dishes with a modern twist.
Everything here is amazing: an excellent table setting combined with a contemporary interior, an open kitchen and a relaxed atmosphere and of course a delicious Chinese food.


Classic British food

This restaurant has been keeping British culinary traditions for almost two centuries. In 1828 the institution opened as a chess club with its coffee shop. Since then, chess, skillfully woven into the interior, became its symbol.
The fact that Vincent Van Gogh, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle visited this place many times gives the institution a special aura. These famous people talked, drank coffee, smoked cigars and enjoyed traditional English cuisine here. The place quickly became fashionable with the London elite and remains so to this day.
Here, as before, they make excellent coffee. You can spend a cozy evening in a good company, relax, unwind, soak up the amazing purely British atmosphere and try the classic cuisine of this country. Fresh oysters, lobsters, duck-stuffed pork pie, tongue with horseradish sauce, sea trout fillet from the chef are offered in Simpson’s-in-the-Strand.
Hot, aromatic piece of juicy meat served to the table under a special cap has become the hallmark of this restaurant.


modern Japanese cuisine

Zuma is one of the luxury restaurant network spread all over the world. Following the Japanese tradition, Zuma brings to London a unique and mysterious flavor of the East.
Enjoying lunch at a special table-counter in the open kitchen, visitors can see how the magic of Japanese cooking is going on unless you would prefer to be seated at a table in the restaurant dining area.
The menu features authentic traditional dishes made from the finest products and with an emphasis on a simple presentation. Beef with ginger, finest pieces of sea bass with truffle oil and salmon, fried tofu, crispy squid and, of course, sushi and sashimi - all this, as well as the most delicious desserts and Zuma-ice cream, you will find in the restaurant menu.
The sake- bar offers over 40 different varieties of this traditional Japanese drink and all sorts of cocktails with fresh juices.


Yevgeny Chichvarkin, CEO of the Hedonism Wines liquor store, Tatyana Fokina and Michelin-Star Chef Olli Dabu in the spring of 2018 opened this restaurant in the three storey buildings on the famous Piccadilly street. The ground floor hall is called Hide Below and there is a bar, a wine cellar and three private “cabinets”. The top floor or Hide Above offers a so-called set-menu in combination with selected wines. The middle floor is called Hide Ground and is the main restaurant area. There is also a bakery in which five kinds of bread and a variety of cakes and pastry is baked. The menu includes dishes of European cuisine. The wine list has 6800 items – that means that guests can order everything that is available from the Hedonism Wines store.

Sexy Fish

Asian restaurant

Sexy Fish restaurant with an amazing interior, own collection of 280 bottles of Japanese whiskey (the 2nd largest collection in the world, the largest in Europe) and a diverse wine list is located at the corner of the famous Berkeley Square. The chefs were inspired by the Asian cuisine and have created a very diverse menu - there is not only beluga caviar, foie gras, lobsters and black cod, but also more democratic sushi and sashimi. On Sundays, the restaurant offers an Asian menu - Sexy Brunch and local and guest DJs create a brunch party atmosphere at Berkeley Square.

Novikov Restaurant & Bar

Novikov Restaurant & Bar is the first London project of Arcady Novikov: it is in the elite Mayfair district in the center of London. The restaurant is divided into two dining halls: from the side of Berkeley Street visitors enter the Asian hall of the restaurant with an open kitchen. The menu offers Chinese and Pan-Asian dishes, a wide selection of sushi, “dim sums”and BBQ dishes cooked on charcoal.
The second dining hall with a simple, but elegant interior has the name of an Italian hall. The menu has an emphasis on the dishes of the southern region of Italy, though includes several classic dishes of Northern Italy. There is also a collection of wines, worthy of the title of a vino Tec. In addition to gastronomic pleasures, Novikov Restaurant has a cozy lounge bar with an extensive list of cocktails, live music and every day’s DJ-sets.