The London Luxury Travel fleet of vehicles will impress the most demanding passengers, regardless of the purpose of the trip: Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Range Rover, Mercedes S-class, BMW 7 series, Mercedes E-class, Mercedes Benz Viano, Volkswagen Transporter.
All models of premium and luxury class meet the most stringent requirements of European safety standards and provide the most comfortable movement around the city
To drive in and out of London, you can hire one of the cars listed on this page. Each vehicle is equipped with everything necessary so that the passengers feels comfortable and safe. Managers of London Luxury Travel will help you choose the option for VIP-transfer and other trips.


Rolls-Royce is a true legend of the automobile world. The luxury car is decorated with the world-famous symbols of Rolls-Royce company: the “Spirit of Delight” statuette and the grille, designed in the style of the pediment of an ancient temple.
Rolls-Royce Phantom combines an unsurpassed level of quality, comfort and style. Usage of the most modern technology, parquet floor of bog oak, leather interior - these are the factors that make this car a truly global standard of luxury.
Representative outlook is supported by relevant technical characteristics: the ability to accelerate to 100 km per hour in just 5-6 seconds, economical fuel consumption - no more than 15 liters per 100 km, engine capacity reaching 563 liters. All these parameters speak for the reliability of the car. Traveling in such a vehicle will bring you comfort and unforgettable pleasure.



Cars produced under the brand "Bentley", are popular with entrepreneurs and people of high society, who are accustomed being the focus of attention of others. These elite cars, the cost of which reaches half a million dollars, are very comfortable and easy to drive, they are technical and have high speed characteristics.
Continental flying "Bentley" - a combination of traditional production and elegant interior, which is simply breathtaking. Luxurious combination of leather and wood in the vehicle interior provides a relaxed and comfortable travel. As one of its many final touches, Bentley presented a line of winter accessories for its cars.


Range Rover

Bright exterior, modern design, high power and multifunctional interior make the Range Rover a real contender for leadership in its class. This car is perfect for your trip, and its comfort, safety, beauty and other characteristics will highlight your status.
The capabilities of the Range Rover are amazing. The secret of surpassing any terrain and endurance, which makes the vehicle so popular, lies in its rigid structure. But this is not the only advantage of the car. It is also characterized by the combination of the thoroughly designed luxurious leather interior and increased comfort.
Range Rover very noticeable on the road, it’s immediately recognized by its powerful body, the special design of the grille, the finishing of the mirrors from the outside and the characteristic logo.


Mercedes S-class

The name of the car Mercedes is already a symbol of impeccable quality, reliability, safety and respectability. Anyone who is accustomed to the best will hardly deny the pleasure of making the trip with maximum comfort in this luxury car.
The exclusivity of the Mercedes S-class is characterized by several details: its leather interior with its softness provides a unique comfort, the panoramic roof window expands the observation and allows you to enjoy the ride. Smooth lines of the car’s body decorated with chrome trim and Swarovski crystals in the headlights make this car bright and noticeable on any city streets. Just sit inside and enjoy the journey!



It’s an excellent car for everyone! Space, elegance, style, beauty and functionality - these are the main features of the BMW 7 Series.
The exclusively high-quality materials are used in the vehicle interior, creating a feeling of comfort and attractive modernity. Seats of the car are comfortable for all – those sitting in the front as well as those sitting at the back of the car.
A distinctive feature of this model is the control with a help of hand gestures. Having entered the menu “Circular view”, the user can adjust the volume of the audio system and increase the image received from the cameras with just a hand movement. There are no analogs of such control system in any other car yet.


Mercedes E-class

The sports sedan Mercedes E-Class has not lost its popularity over the past decade. It is characterized by high-quality assembly method when the quality and reliable materials are used, smooth running and enhanced security system.
Anyone who has been inside this car at least once will forever remember the softness of the leather seats, the spaciousness of the cabin, the smoothness of the front panel lines, the thoughtfulness of every, even the smallest, detail. This is a true example of respectability and comfort.
The panoramic roof window expands the observation and allows you to enjoy the ride. Smooth lines of the car’s body decorated with chrome trim and Swarovski crystals in the headlights make this car bright and noticeable on any city streets. Just sit inside and enjoy the journey!


Mercedes V-class

Popular for travel and transfers, the Mercedes V-class minibus seats up to 7 passengers, providing them enough space to relax in impeccable safety and comfort. Luxurious leather anatomical seats, soft armrests, audio and multimedia equipment, thick curtains on the windows, air conditioning – all this creates maximum comfort for passengers.

You will be pleased choosing “Mercedes V-class” for your journey. The vehicle will not disappoint you, even if you decide to go on a long journey in the company of other people - there will be enough room for everyone, and no one will feel uncomfortable.


Volkswagen Transporter

This vehicle is a great business class travel solution. Volkswagen Transporter offers a safe and comfortable environment. Regardless of the purpose of the trip, whether it is a business meeting or a family vacation, in this car you will feel in the spotlight.
The elegant Volkswagen Transporter has a rear climate control system and electronic sliding side doors. This form of doors is characterized by increased safety and convenience for passengers. The stylish metal finish and silver handles give the vehicle its modern look. Luxurious leather interior, comfort and convenience, which are provided by thoughtful technical details will make your journey pleasant and unforgettable