Why do we need a concierge?

Business people, government officials and owners of large holdings while travelling do value every minute of their time. They are accustomed to live an active life, visit many places, communicate with a large number of people and have time to do many other things during the day. Therefore, it is important for them that we provide qualified assistance in organizing domestic issues.

London Luxury Travel is ready to take on the solution of any economic problems on itself. You do not need to spend your time on:

  • booking hotel rooms;
  • making the schedule;
  • thinking about the route of movement in the city;
  • booking theatre tickets;
  • booking a restaurant.

In addition to the mentioned above services, we offer you a convenient and demanded service - concierge. This is a personal assistant who will take over:

  • Planning your working and leisure time;
  • Taking into account your tastes and preferences;
  • concierge will make your stay in the UK full of useful meetings and interesting new experiences;

With its help, your trip will be as productive as possible, and you will not experience fatigue or discomfort.

Concierge London Luxury Travel combines in itself several functions at once:

  • perfect command of several languages, including native for the client. This will allow the customer not only to communicate freely with the service provider, but also to use the concierge as a translator;
  • understanding of the needs of a business person, based on the experience of cooperation with a large number of entrepreneurs and public servants;
  • help in a variety of issues - domestic, organizational, communicational and provision of useful links in various structures and organizations in London;
  • goodwill, accuracy, attention to details.

Booking a concierge service in London Luxury Travel, you get an indispensable assistant with high professional skills, fully complying with strict business standards and the status of the client served.

This person will take on the solution of a wide range of issues: from choosing the most popular restaurant and shop where you can buy gifts to take home to organizing a meeting with the person you need for your business development or buying real estate at a reasonable price.

The list of the concierge’s responsibilities booked from London Luxury Travel includes the following services:

  • booking a restaurant where menu includes the dishes preferred by the client;
  • delivery of bouquet and gifts to the indicated person by courier or mail;
  • booking travel tickets for an airplane train or ship. Booking of private transport is also possible;
  • providing assistance in choosing a real estate, car or yacht for the private purchase or rent, assistance in checking the purity of the transaction, registration of papers;
  • purchase of tickets for sports matches, theater performances, concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows, auctions, in closed and private clubs;
  • assistance while shopping for clothes, shoes, perfume, jewelry, gifts. Purchase of necessary goods in accordance with the wishes of the client and on its behalf;
  • finding a place for a child in kindergarten or school in accordance with the client’s wishes. Arranging visits to such private institutions;
  • hiring specialists for a household work - nannies for a child, nurses for a sick person, a gardener, a cook, a cleaner.

The solution of these and many other issues takes time and sometimes nerves. The concierge from our company will fulfill the assigned tasks quickly and efficiently, saving you from the hassle and need to be distracted from your plans.

Obligatory requirements that we make of our concierges are adherence to the business style of clothing, accuracy and tidiness. You are not ashamed to take such a person with you to the negotiations with a business partner or as an escort to the governmental institutions.

To book a concierge service, you just need to call the London London Luxury Travel office. Our specialist will talk about the conditions of cooperation, as well as find out your wishes for the candidate and the requirements for the performance of his duties.

Such an individual approach allows you to choose a concierge who will fully meet your needs and even exceed your expectations.