Wedding Cars

Wedding Cars

Wedding Cars

On your special day, nothing is too good for you, and our wedding cars are here to make sure you can travel in luxury with a chauffeur without any worry or distraction.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce Phantom

3 passengers

2 cases

Range Rover

Range Rover Long Autobiography

4 passengers

4 cases

Mercedes-Benz V-class

Mercedes-Benz V-class V300

7 passengers

7 suitcases

Mercedes-Benz S-class

Mercedes-Benz S-class S580 Long

4 passengers

from 2 to 3 suitcases

Mercedes-Benz E-class

Mercedes-Benz E-class

4 passengers

3 suitcase

Mercedes-Maybach S-class

Mercedes-Maybach S580

3 passengers

2 suitcases

BMW i7

BMW i7

4 passengers

from 2 to 3 suitcases

When it comes to wedding car hire, you don’t want to cut any corners. The bridal vehicle should be something that no one has to think about but is merely there when it’s needed and out of the way when it isn’t. The wedding car is a very important part of the day, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t ride in a luxury wedding car for your big day.

Our wedding car chauffeurs are the best in the business; punctual, professional, with deep local knowledge and only the best presentation. Wedding cars can take you to, from, or both to and from your venue and our drivers will go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are fulfilled—it’s more than just a wedding car service. 

Wedding Cars: Popular Trends

We all want something special for our wedding day, and so a number of popular trends have arisen recently around wedding cars of choice for when you tie the knot. Some current popular trends in wedding cars include the following.

Original luxury 

For many, nothing can beat the tasteful luxury of a premium, chauffeur-driven wedding car service. This trend still continues today and it may be what you’re looking for: a comfortable, stylish, luxury wedding car to get you where you need to go.


Another, bolder option is to opt for classic wedding cars; maybe you want to skip the driver and speed away just the two of you in the shiny white or the jet black of a convertible Corvette. Such wedding cars certainly make a statement. 

More personalised transport 

Wedding cars are not your only option for transport on your wedding. All sorts of fun and interesting choices have become popular in recent years, including buses, mopeds, or for that fairy-tale feeling the horse and carriage.

Considerations for Choosing Wedding Cars

When choosing a wedding car hire near me, then, it’s plain that there’s a lot to take into account. Here are some key considerations when choosing wedding cars.

Always view wedding cars first

There’s always a lot to do in wedding planning and it can seem like every moment of spared time is a blessing. But when it comes to your wedding cars, it can often lead to disappointment if you book one without viewing it first. 

Think about colours 

This can be more of a personal question, but colour schemes and themes are a big part of most weddings. When it comes to the colour of wedding cars, you should think about whether it matches the colour scheme you’ve got for your clothes and the rest of the venue. This may or may not bother you, but it’s something to consider—it may bother you on the day!

Consider the size 

On a more practical level, you should also consider the size of wedding cars and whether it will be big enough for everything you want out of it. There’s the simpler aspect of whether your dress will fit inside, but it’s also become popular to have the photographer drive along with you in the car—if you wanted this, would there be space for them? 

Impact of Wedding Cars

Though your time inside the wedding car rental may constitute only a small portion of the whole day, it can make a big impact in a number of different ways in the long term.

Accenting the day’s photos 

A nice wedding car can be a bold statement in the photos from your day. Of course, the car will have an even bigger impact on the day in its physical presence, but again you won’t spend as much time in it on the day. The photos, though, are forever. 

Setting an aesthetic 

Whatever wedding car you choose, it’s going to go a long way to defining your wedding’s style. Retro, early 20th-century style wedding cars can provide that traditional feeling, while modern luxury wedding cars give a sense of tasteful, modern style that could also define your wedding. Again, it’s all about what you want. 

The sense of finality 

Your wedding car will take you to the wedding, but perhaps more importantly it will whisk you away once it’s all over, if you have special plans for the next leg of your wedding adventure.  

Tips and Recommendations

You don’t want to take any chances with your wedding cars on the big day, so here are some key tips for planning the car hire for weddings.

Know the seating capacity 

If you’re planning to transport guests with you, make sure you know the exact seating capacity of the car so you aren’t caught out. 

Plan the itinerary carefully 

Think carefully about every step of the itinerary and what you need to do. Make sure you’ve accounted for everything in the plan. 

Have a backup plan 

When it comes to luxury wedding car hire services, things are always perfectly timed and planned. However, other things certainly could go wrong, so it’s always better to have a backup plan for these kinds of situations.

Wedding Cars – Add Luxury to Your Big Day

Planning your wedding can feel hectic at best and suffocating at worst. Remember to always take time to decompress and not lose sight of what’s really important. It’s your day; plan your wedding car hire with care—we assure you, with luxury services you won’t lose any sleep over it.